What is A Crucial Catch?

The NFL and the American Cancer Society have teamed up for Crucial Catch, a nationwide campaign that focuses on cancer education, early detection, and screening.

Who can participate?

Any school or league can participate. Coaches, team members, fans, and family can all be involved in raising funds and raising awareness in the fight to end cancer.

What will our team do?

During the season, your school or league can choose one home football game and designate it as a cancer awareness game. All funds will help the American Cancer Society improve and save lives from cancer. The game can also be named in honor or in memory of someone from the school or community who has faced cancer or has died from the disease.

Game day fundraisers can include:

  • Pledge Donations – Have athletes, students, and other participants collect donations from their family and friends in support of the American Cancer Society or do a “pledge-a-thon” for the number of touchdowns, turnovers, field goals, etc., at the game.
  • Sponsorships – Ask local businesses to sponsor your event by making a donation directly to the American Cancer Society or by matching any funds raised by your team.
  • School Rivalry – Team up with a rival school to host a competition in the weeks leading up to the big game to see who can raise the most money. The winner can be announced at halftime of the game.
  • Halftime Activities – During halftime, invite fans to make a donation to the American Cancer Society and participate in a contest such as kicking a field goal or throwing the longest pass.
  • Silent or Live Auction – During the game, auction off homemade meals or desserts, a prime parking space, student artwork, or items donated from local businesses in the community.
  • Admission and Concession Sales – If there is a charge to watch the game, add $1-2 to the fee and/or donate a portion of concession sales to the American Cancer Society. Be sure to consult with your American Cancer Society staff partner to ensure compliance with any applicable regulations.

For more game day fundraising ideas, sign up today! Once you sign up, you will have access to all of the fundraising tools, including the Crucial Catch Tool Kit through your Fundraising Dashboard.

I am a coach, how do I get started?

Sign-up now using our easy online form. Crucial Catch presents an excellent opportunity for you, as a community leader and role model for youth and adults alike, to involve your community and create a positive image for the coaching staff, your school or league, and your football program. An online Fundraising Dashboard will help you coordinate your team and personal activities. Once you sign up, make sure to download our Coaches Tool Kit in your Fundraising Dashboard - it will walk you through each step of the event!

I am a player, how do I get started?

Look for your team or school using our easy search tool. Then, simply sign-up and unite to help save lives!

Is there a registration fee or a minimum amount to raise?

There is no registration fee and no minimum amount to participate. However, Crucial Catch raises much-needed funds to help the American Cancer Society save more lives from cancer. Each team is encouraged to raise at least $1,000, but the goal you set is up to you.

How do I turn in the money I raise?

Your supporters can donate online through our secure Web site. We provide you with easy-to-use online tools to help you promote your participation in Crucial Catch and raise funds for your team. Any funds collected in-person can be sent to the American Cancer Society office using the post-event participation form found on the last page of the Coaches Tool Kit.

Please do not send cash through the mail. Checks should be made payable to the American Cancer Society.

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