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Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$8,195 raised $1,000 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Aaron West$140
  2. Alex Cyr$180
  3. Anonymous 
  4. Anonymous 
  5. Anthony Ruggear$140
  6. Antoine Springfield$160
  7. Art Rea Jr. 
  8. Art Rea Jr.$40
  9. Ashish Patel$160
  10. Ashlin Miller$140
  11. Brendan Klar$140
  12. Brittney Burrell$140
  13. Danh Nguyen$140
  14. Dao Tang$140
  15. Darren Leatherman$140
  16. Dominick Bulone$140
  17. Dr. David Voynow$160
  18. Dr. William Leonard Briganti III$140
  19. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  20. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  21. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  22. Huy Nguyen$140
  23. James DiPaul$160
  24. James Profitt$140
  25. Jawann Clark$140
  26. Jessica Sprague$180
  27. Joe Coughlan$140
  28. Kelli Kopaczynski$140
  29. Laura Reichl$140
  30. Marcos Ferreira$140
  31. Maria Taglione$140
  32. Mark Knightly$140
  33. Michael Girouard Jr.$160
  34. Mitchell S Belile$40
  35. Mr. Michael Cardosi$140
  36. Nathaniel Rust 
  37. Parth Patel$180
  38. Pentec Health Sponsorship 
  39. Rahsheana Fulton$180
  40. Rose Conte$160
  41. Ryan d'Imperio$80
  42. Shakir Smith$140
  43. Sophandara Po$160
  44. Thomas Ksiazek$140
  45. Tiera White$180
  46. William Adams Jr.$180

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