Event Change Request

With the launch of our Nav Tools Platform most event changes are initiated in Salesforce by Field Staff.
These include changes to an EXISTING Event Record or Society Key, Cancelling an Event or Website, changes to an existing event name, product, restriction, approver, status or Society Key, event staff (event manager), date, time, common name, goal, office information, or location/venue.
*Note: changes made in Salesforce also are applied to all other ACS systems including the websites.

The list below are details which are not available in Salesforce. If the event detail you need to update is not listed below please refer to the "How to Make Event Changes Quick Reference Guide" or click to access Salesforce now.

For ALL other Website Support*, issues, or to report outages - create an Online Event Support TICKET.
*Website closure, sponsorship information, discount codes, registration type or fee changes, custom domains or URL changes, social changes (new Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts), delayed self-pledge charge-backs. Or support for any other website issues such as refunds, participant or team changes, mobile app issues, registration or donation problems, or to report outages.

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EXAMPLE: Luminarias are $12 before the event, $20 event day.
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